Thank you God we won again :)

Yayyy! Indonesia won again last night...

You know what...I awas so tense I did not dare to watch the game last night... I only knew that we have won when my Mom told me afterwards and by the sound of fireworks zooming to the sky around the neighborhood

Come to think of it, I am never really good at loosing. Or to accept the fact that I have lost the game or competition... I would be sulking in my room and not have a big heart to just let it go... Or I would keep on thinking why on earth I did not do this or that to prevent me from being loose. And so on... Shortly, I am the kinda person who hold the grudge ... Sighed...  KIDDING

Anyway, I sincerely hope our Indonesian team will be the winner for the championship... Indonesia really need something we can be proud of after all natural disasters... May the best team win the game! Which would be tough because they are going face to face with Malaysian team...

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