A few days ago a friend of mine told me about her friend who whined that she do not wish to end up like all those pathetic women. My friend asked her what are the criterias for being pathetic women. And here they are:
1. Over 35 years old
2. Never dated
3. Currently not dating
4. Still stay under the same roof with her parents

Wow! Those are sooo me!

I am going to kill myself thinking about the above while listening one of the songs from Bridget Jones's Diary: All BY MY Self


That was according to my friend's friend. We may goes to the same school, from the same parents, at the same age, but we are definetely see the same thing with different perspective.

If the above are the criteria of being pathetic women then I have another opionio.

Being pathetic is someone who has almost about everything but still not satisfy and still want more, more, more especially that belongs to other people.

Being pathetic is someone who has family but still feel alone and do not love them

Conclusion being pathetic is someone who have no idea how to be thankful for their life

Ehm, is that including me? ^________^

Anyway, perhaps that friend of my friend afraid of being lonely in the old age whereas her friends already spending time with their children and grand children. While she rotten away alone somewhere in the darkest place with nobody with her. Aside than the angel of death.

Yeah, come to think of is a pathetic life...

Credit card, debt collector...

A few years ago, one of our acquantaince tried to apply credit card to this bank and use our home address as her personal address. Well, you know how credit card will ask for your home address and also phone number at home. Plus, they will also ask someone not living in the same house with you to confirm that they know you.

Anyway, since this person never ask permission from my mother that she will use our home address to support her application well...when the people from the credit card company called us to Mom simply said that she knew the person. But, that person is not living here with us and after that the credit card application was rejected.

The problem is, once you let other people use your identity like home address or phone number and then they are having problem with the payment..., well you can be sure that everyone in that house will be terrorized by debt collector.

You will have to know that the bank will not remind you that your due date is near. They will however warn you when you have failed to pay after the due date. Soft warning at first, then escalate to even harder warning like saying dirty words or terrorizing all the people staying in the address given by the credit card user.

Why they have to be harsh, rude and menacing when collecting debts? Because these people usually work for agency hired by the credit card company to collect debts. The debt collector each was given target like how many they could collect money. Sure, sure... Having a target that you must achieve within month or perhaps weeks probably drive that person to be creative and use any kind of ways to ensure he or she manage to achieve the target.

Because I know several stories how people try to avoid payment. They either run, or their whole family covering up insist they have no idea where this person about, and any lies that they could come up with. The problem is, those debt collectors think that all people are the same. Nasty liars and refuse to take responsible after using credit card or borrowing money.

It is not a pleasant thing to get involved with people who have hobby to spend more that they can earn and just took off while leaving us to clear up the mess.

Then again, we could go public on newspaper it... Probably they will accuse us not telling the whole truth and just give them a bad name.

Perhaps we should just close all of our credit cards then...

Betweem trend and personal taste

I have to admit, I kinda like reading my friend's tweets... They often give me ideas about what to write on my blog.

One of them said about she pretend to watch Glee as it is one of the coolest tv show on earth. So she watch it simply to be in the trend. But after a while, she decided that she is not really into the show and back to watch CSI and 24...

Sometimes we get embarassed when our friends asked us about a new singer or popular tv show and we give them our blank stare... And then they laughed at us before finally sharing the information about the show... or that famous person...

Though actually we have to just follow all information about who, what, when, how and where ...some of us can't deny that when we are not interested then we just simply not into it. We may read, hear, watch, see about it but our brain is unable to process the information. We do not have desire other than being curious in the first place to find information about it. After that, we decide that is not our cup of tea and just drop it.

Of course, since we are interacting with other human being naturally we do feel the need to be in the crowds. Know what is in right now. Know what is trending right now.

But I guess, in the end we will simply choose things that we like even our friends will raise their eyebrows or scoffs whenever they heard us talk about it...

Goose bump!

I may have big body but actually I have only little guts…hahahaha (embarrassed mode is on) .

It was so easy to spook me actually… If you happen to be in the same room with me at night, just drop something and pretend you have no knowledge about it… I would definitely start to get scare and my imagination will running wild…

My very first encounter with the so-called ghost and yes, I think it was a ghost and not just my imagination…was around the year 2001 or 2002. My room has connecting door with my Mom’s room. She was on her trip to her family in another city. So, there were only me, my Dad and my aunt. All slept in separate rooms. I was unable to sleep that night so I decided to turn on the computer and start browsing the internet. It was around approximately 03.30 AM or something. After a while I started to hear a sound from my Mom’s room. At first I did not pay much attention, then the voice suddenly getting a bit louder… I still try to be positive, thinking that it might be my aunt singing (why in the heck she sing about anything at -3.30 AM?)

But after a few minutes the singing turns into almost a crying as if the woman was in pain or in deep sadness. All I know I got a goose bump and decided to turn off my pc. Then I knocked my aunt’s room and asked her to sleep together with me! Huahahaha… Ridiculous, yeah I know…

This is one of so many reasons I decided I should stop watching horror movie. I do not wish that someday…me alone in my apartment (as if I could ever afford to get one) and start imagining that there is a woman in white with long hair and red eyes watching every move that I make…

Yikes!!! I am scare already!!!

Live your life to the fullest

You know seeing my parents in their old days starting to have sickness like diabetes, high cholesterol, problem with eyes sight and I sort of wishing that I won't have to reach old age... I mean, my parents have me to take care of them a bit. But what about me? I have nobody to take care of me in the future... I do not think sick and dying alone is a pleasant thing to think about...

Then, yesterday when I went with my mother to Jakarta Eye Centre we met this elderly. She is about 70 years old and suffered glaucoma. That is why she said she has to give up driving, probably about a month ago. And I was! I watched her in awe because she was still driving even at the age of 70? And come to think of it, she has some kind of energy coming out of her body. She look so alive and no sign that she is sick or tired or anything that indicate she is an elderly. I even heard that a few month ago she still go with a group of tourist to Vatican. She drove those tourists with minibus...

Wish I could be like that IF I ever reach her age... I suppose being old or in any age, we should have that kind of spirit so we can live our life to the fullest.

And please stop grumbling and being desperate about anything as it will only be a waste of our time...


I have to admit, I admire those who manage to read, to process, to understand and to give comment for all dozens of postings made by their online friends on the net...

For me, I do not think I have the ability to be patient to open all postings made by my online friends and read them carefully... Naturally I realize probably that is one of many reasons very few people come and read my blog... But then again, probably my writings not interesting enough to draw people to go back here again and again...

Probably because I still look at my blog as a way to have new friends rather than readers... Again, because I am not so sure I will be able to go to various postings and takes times to read them carefully and understand the meaning of their posts or creations. Especially if they write a poem or something like that which is actually kinda personal and you will not be able to get it just by a quick reading,

Anyway, just want to apologize to my online friends if I did not visit your blog more often :(  Hopefully I will be able to do that in the future and really spend time reading it and not just blogwalking leave traces here and there

Not so funny jokes

Often I received forwarding jokes from people about current situation like for example a jokes about corruption or misuse fund, which I think is certainly funny.

But when I read people making fun a disaster especially a huge one like tsunami in Japan or even when the one that hit Aceh in the year 2004...I found it hard to believe. I mean, if you can not say something to cheer up the survivors then just shut up please. Where is your emphaty?

Or if you do not know what to say when people ask your opinion then perhaps short sentence will be enough. Not saying that well, there are too many people in this world so this disaster will help to reduce living people in this earth... I mean, seriously?

Yeah, sure we can make a joke about everything because yes I suppose everything have their own funny side of the story... But perhaps we should bite our tongue and stop making fun about every disaster happened in this world...

It's not so funny anymoret


One time failure, I can accept
Second time, I still can cope with it...
But over and over again, get me wondering...

What if this is not meant to be...
What if this journey going to be a very long journey?
Can I stand it to wait that long?
Can I still have the strength and resources to keep walking on this journey?

Or do I have to accept the fact that I am nothing and nothing at all?
And that is what ever I am going to be?

should it or should not?

If you have seen the Social Networking then you will remember the scene when Mark (the founder of Facebook) rambling about his ex girl friend and making cruel jokes about her physically and family names. Which is of course, not so cool because the entire universe will read about it...

When we are angry nowadays, we will quick grab our blackberry or other communication device and can't wait to share it with the entire universe. And naturally we wish this condemned person will read our angry tweets or status and realizing how hurt he or she has made us...

Eventually, we perhaps going a bit too far by spreading rumors or even secret that not supposed to be shared with others... But, we are angry so we completely forgot about it...
No wonder people then often end up in court room because the other party did not take that insult very well. Or they angry for the secret being opened in front of the public and want to make sure that the person who rambling about it will be punished.

It is the same like someone calling you names or insult your parents and you get angry then escalate to physicall fight. If someone end up hurt or worse: dead, then nobody will remember that you were being provoked to do that... You are the guilty party because you are the one who initiate the fight. Just as the same like the words that we wrote in our social network accounts.

So, before your emotion get control of your head...take a deep breath and think... Is it worth spreading gossip on your ex friends or better just stay silent and try to defends your honor with another way...

Bianglala: Kisah Si Jomblo

Bianglala: Kisah Si Jomblo: "Cuplikan Kisah si Jomblo karya Ria Tumimomor. Membacanya membuat ku senyum-senyum sendiri, mesam mesem nggak karuan. Bahkan terkadang terkik..."


As usual, I spend my Valentine Day just with my family :D and I think I will spend it by watching the following movies :

1. Notting Hill
My all time favorite movies because I just love watching Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts

2. A Walk in the Clouds

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

4. Cats and Dogs

5. The Proposal

6. One Fine Day

7. Something gotta give

8. Bridget Jones

9. Love Actually

10. 4 Weddings and a Funeral

So, let us watch love movies together with friends and enjoy love around the air :)

E-book gue yang pertama

Terpaksa dimuat dalam bahasa Indonesia karena gue mau promosi e-book gue yang pertama yang gue terbitkan dengan bantuan Evolitera.

Kenapa dengan bahasa Indonesia ya karena bukunya terbit dalam bahasa kita dan gue lagi kepikiran sih buat nerbitin dalam bahasa Inggris juga... hehehe... Dengan catatan kalau gue sanggup menterjemahkannya...

Anyway, ceritanya sih tentang cewek jomblo dan kisah hidupnya sehari - hari yang mesti menghadapi orang usil akan statusnya.

Jadi yang tertarik dipersilahken lhooo ke link dibawah ini dan tentunya download gratis ini harus melalui proses registrasi terlebih dahulu.

Semoga pada seneng ya bacanyaaa :

Pay attention to yourself first

I know this person who always giving us advice and try to steer us doing things according his/her way.

What I want to laugh about this person do things differently with his/her words.

You know, I think we should pay attention to our own actions before trying to give advices to somebody else, or criticizing about other people's behavior. If you can't control yourself to avoid doing bad things then why in the heck you feel the need to control somebody's else life?

Furthermore, if you can not handle a critic or accepting the ugly truth about yourself then do not try to do that to other people. Because other people who know the real you would just laugh out loud hearing what you said.

If you want to lead a fake life don't drag other people with you...

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself...have I been good or not?


Okay, I know you are going to laugh at me but I confessed... I just watched The Social Network... Hahaha... So left far behind...

Anyway, yeah the reason I finally watched the movie as I read the movie has received many nominations and awards so obviously I was a bit curious. And after watched the movie I have to admit that yeah I like the story and all the casts. No, no, no...not because all of them are so damn hot but simply because they make it look so real... As if we are watching what truly happened between Mark and Eduardo and the twins that sued him believing that Mark stole their idea.

Well, I am not going to discuss about how the movie has entertained me and other audiences...but something that I saw from it kinda remind me about how sometimes money and misunderstanding able to ruin a friendship.

Recently a friend of mine told me to just be straight forward with whatever on my mind. Don't hold back and just let it out. Like a friend said something that hurt you... Rather than just keep it inside, better you just said that you don't like what she said... Well, probably in the nicest way you can muster. Or you should be able to accept the fact that you have been hurtful to your dear friend when they told you about it. Because if we decided not to speak about it for the sake of friendship... Well, that friendship is walking on a thin line and somewhere in the future it will break without any chance for amends.

Victim of MAGNUM

One of my online friend posted this on her blog and I think she is not the only one.

When the first advertisement of Magnum ice cream launched on television, it does not automatically attract me. I mean, is not a new product from WALLS and therefore I find it amusing to see them advertise the product again on television.

But when a close friend of mine who is not really into ice cream said to me that the new Magnum is more delicious than before, it ignite my curiosity. And since that on I have been lurking and stalking every stores to get it.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my diet) the advertisement went on so well, now almost everybody feels the need to get their hands on Magnum. It said that the ice cream inside coated with Belgium Chocolate. So you can imagine how drooling that must be for me, the chocolate lover. But, I seldomly manage to get at least one at the mini market or super market as they always run out! Unbelievable!

Sometimes when I got lucky, I just walk in to any stores and there, they have stocks of Magnum ice cream. But if not, I could only picture it on my mind and wondering when I am going to get it...

And I said I want to go on diet starting this January... CRAP! I HATE (LOVE) YOU, MAGNUM!


Wow today is an interesting date combination ^__^

What should I write… Hmmm…

A few days ago a friend of mine told me about his relatives who was found dead after 3 days in his apartment. Apparently he lives alone, unmarried and does not have regular maid who comes daily. Otherwise, he would soon be discovered sooner after passing away. Kinda sad to think that people just wasted away like that, alone with nobody to be with…

Seems that is the kind of future I will have…

And to drown myself to that sad feeling I started to re-watched BRIDGET JONES Diary… Hahaha, Renée Zellweger totally funny and Colin Firth look so much younger! I love the couples…
Anyway, I think ever since that movie the song : ALL BY MYSELF sort of becoming the theme songs for singletons.

Though it was funny to see how the Bridget Jones character singing along the song, let out her sadness about being alone and nobody to be with…I feel a bit sad listening to that song. And it is a song I am totally avoid whenever depression come over me. Especially listening to people who keep on saying, you have to have kids to take care of you in the future… What? Seriously? That’s a silly reason to have children… They never expected to be born into this world…so I suppose I can not be selfish and demand them to take care of me in the future…

But anyway, here I am all alone in this world… I just hope I will be able to pass day by day happily though probably not ever after… And may God bless me always for whatever I do in this life…

So I do not have to sing this in the future…


I guess I will never know how to treat my future-don't-know-when my children to be...

The reason why I wrote about this when I saw how my acquaintance cousin spoills her children.

Her youngest children currently is having a bad flue... Few days ago before her flue got worst, someone told her to give her daughter something to cure the sickness. Even suggested traditional medicine.

But, she did not do that as her daughter keep stalling because she said to me she hates medicine. Everytime she was given medicine she would throw up and therefore out of love, her parents did not want to force her to eat or drink anything that she did not like.


Even though by not drinking that yucky taste medicine means we are going to get our health back?

I know her parents believe that our body could heal ourselves when we got sick but I think after few days of not getting better...should the parents try anything to cure her daughter?

So all these times, they just follow whatever their daughter wants even it is going to be bad for her?

When we need to push them even if they do not like what we have asked them to do and when we are going to just give in if they refuse what we want them to do?

Who said it is easy to be a parents?

New year resolution...again...

What is the most people loves to do when the new year come?

Making another resolution :D

I think we just love having something new in our life... Just like me whenever I have new diary or empty book, i feel there are so much I am going to write there... New ideas emerging from my mind can not wait to be written in those new white empty pages... But wait when we have finally reached half of the diary... suddenly we lost interest and forgot all the things that we have promised in the early year...

Now..., again... I am trying to write...really write them (you know using pen or pencil) on a diary about things that I want to do for the whole year. Like finishing this 50,000 words project with Kampung Fiksi group at Facebook and try to send at least one article to any magazines... Let us see and hope I can make it through until the end of year 2011

So, let us open new chapter in our life in the year 2011... Don't give up hope when we finally reach the middle of our diary... Keep on doing what we have planned and may all our plan can be done...

Happy New Year 2011

Hi all...

Wishing you all the best for this new year and after trying desperately to write daily in the year I think it is time for me to reduce it to...whenever I feel like it...

I am trying to write more on articles and also getting involved with crazy people (sorry friends) to write as much as 50,000 words within a month... I love it... At least something drive me to keep on and on writing until there is nothing more to write...

Wish me luck... Hopefully I could produce another interesting story ^_^