Okay, I know you are going to laugh at me but I confessed... I just watched The Social Network... Hahaha... So left far behind...

Anyway, yeah the reason I finally watched the movie as I read the movie has received many nominations and awards so obviously I was a bit curious. And after watched the movie I have to admit that yeah I like the story and all the casts. No, no, no...not because all of them are so damn hot but simply because they make it look so real... As if we are watching what truly happened between Mark and Eduardo and the twins that sued him believing that Mark stole their idea.

Well, I am not going to discuss about how the movie has entertained me and other audiences...but something that I saw from it kinda remind me about how sometimes money and misunderstanding able to ruin a friendship.

Recently a friend of mine told me to just be straight forward with whatever on my mind. Don't hold back and just let it out. Like a friend said something that hurt you... Rather than just keep it inside, better you just said that you don't like what she said... Well, probably in the nicest way you can muster. Or you should be able to accept the fact that you have been hurtful to your dear friend when they told you about it. Because if we decided not to speak about it for the sake of friendship... Well, that friendship is walking on a thin line and somewhere in the future it will break without any chance for amends.
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  1. RuYanda Says:

    I LOVE that last paragraph! Most of the time, what I'm concern about when talking honestly to my friends is any awkwardness that could result from what I say. So sometimes I try to tone down a bit so it wouldn't sound too harsh. I used to be reserved about my thoughts but having changed recently I find it refreshing to be able to speak out my mind on certain things. It somewhat strengthen the bond between a few of my friends and I.

    If you haven't done it, you should try it sometime~ :D

  2. bridge Says:

    I haven't done it and yeah I think I need to force myself to do so in the future for the sake of friendship

  3. Riaa.. I haven't watched The Social Network until now *go on laugh at me ;D

    Kalo gue tergantung sikonnya. But most of the time, I speak what's on my mind to my dear besties. And prepare myself to hear their disturbing comments upon me.. :D

  4. bridge Says:

    Iya, gue sekarang juga pengen belajar untuk langsung ngomong aja kl gue merasa gak nyaman sama kelakuan temen... Dan tentunya gue harus siap kalau mereka juga complain ttg gue :)

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