I guess I will never know how to treat my future-don't-know-when my children to be...

The reason why I wrote about this when I saw how my acquaintance cousin spoills her children.

Her youngest children currently is having a bad flue... Few days ago before her flue got worst, someone told her to give her daughter something to cure the sickness. Even suggested traditional medicine.

But, she did not do that as her daughter keep stalling because she said to me she hates medicine. Everytime she was given medicine she would throw up and therefore out of love, her parents did not want to force her to eat or drink anything that she did not like.


Even though by not drinking that yucky taste medicine means we are going to get our health back?

I know her parents believe that our body could heal ourselves when we got sick but I think after few days of not getting better...should the parents try anything to cure her daughter?

So all these times, they just follow whatever their daughter wants even it is going to be bad for her?

When we need to push them even if they do not like what we have asked them to do and when we are going to just give in if they refuse what we want them to do?

Who said it is easy to be a parents?
2 Responses
  1. neta Says:

    Negotiate.. is a better middle-way. There should be classes for parenting :)

  2. bridge Says:

    and what if the kid refuse to negotiate? Or asking things that should not be asked? Oh dear, I think I will have to apply to that course

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