Victim of MAGNUM

One of my online friend posted this on her blog and I think she is not the only one.

When the first advertisement of Magnum ice cream launched on television, it does not automatically attract me. I mean, is not a new product from WALLS and therefore I find it amusing to see them advertise the product again on television.

But when a close friend of mine who is not really into ice cream said to me that the new Magnum is more delicious than before, it ignite my curiosity. And since that on I have been lurking and stalking every stores to get it.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my diet) the advertisement went on so well, now almost everybody feels the need to get their hands on Magnum. It said that the ice cream inside coated with Belgium Chocolate. So you can imagine how drooling that must be for me, the chocolate lover. But, I seldomly manage to get at least one at the mini market or super market as they always run out! Unbelievable!

Sometimes when I got lucky, I just walk in to any stores and there, they have stocks of Magnum ice cream. But if not, I could only picture it on my mind and wondering when I am going to get it...

And I said I want to go on diet starting this January... CRAP! I HATE (LOVE) YOU, MAGNUM!
5 Responses
  1. magnum is such a poisonous icecream, dont you think so? ;p

    uhm, bridge.. may i know your real name? its kinda weird mention 'bridge' instead of your name :)

  2. bridge Says:

    hahaha, my name is Ria... I use my real name on my other blog =

  3. bridge Says:

    ehm, I just realized... what is your name? *MALU*

  4. Tokko9pay Says:

    rumor has it. they launching their Advertisement first before produce the Ice Cream, also it is only produce in Small Quantities. it is the reason why we cant always find any of that Ice Cream on store

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