should it or should not?

If you have seen the Social Networking then you will remember the scene when Mark (the founder of Facebook) rambling about his ex girl friend and making cruel jokes about her physically and family names. Which is of course, not so cool because the entire universe will read about it...

When we are angry nowadays, we will quick grab our blackberry or other communication device and can't wait to share it with the entire universe. And naturally we wish this condemned person will read our angry tweets or status and realizing how hurt he or she has made us...

Eventually, we perhaps going a bit too far by spreading rumors or even secret that not supposed to be shared with others... But, we are angry so we completely forgot about it...
No wonder people then often end up in court room because the other party did not take that insult very well. Or they angry for the secret being opened in front of the public and want to make sure that the person who rambling about it will be punished.

It is the same like someone calling you names or insult your parents and you get angry then escalate to physicall fight. If someone end up hurt or worse: dead, then nobody will remember that you were being provoked to do that... You are the guilty party because you are the one who initiate the fight. Just as the same like the words that we wrote in our social network accounts.

So, before your emotion get control of your head...take a deep breath and think... Is it worth spreading gossip on your ex friends or better just stay silent and try to defends your honor with another way...

Bianglala: Kisah Si Jomblo

Bianglala: Kisah Si Jomblo: "Cuplikan Kisah si Jomblo karya Ria Tumimomor. Membacanya membuat ku senyum-senyum sendiri, mesam mesem nggak karuan. Bahkan terkadang terkik..."


As usual, I spend my Valentine Day just with my family :D and I think I will spend it by watching the following movies :

1. Notting Hill
My all time favorite movies because I just love watching Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts

2. A Walk in the Clouds

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

4. Cats and Dogs

5. The Proposal

6. One Fine Day

7. Something gotta give

8. Bridget Jones

9. Love Actually

10. 4 Weddings and a Funeral

So, let us watch love movies together with friends and enjoy love around the air :)

E-book gue yang pertama

Terpaksa dimuat dalam bahasa Indonesia karena gue mau promosi e-book gue yang pertama yang gue terbitkan dengan bantuan Evolitera.

Kenapa dengan bahasa Indonesia ya karena bukunya terbit dalam bahasa kita dan gue lagi kepikiran sih buat nerbitin dalam bahasa Inggris juga... hehehe... Dengan catatan kalau gue sanggup menterjemahkannya...

Anyway, ceritanya sih tentang cewek jomblo dan kisah hidupnya sehari - hari yang mesti menghadapi orang usil akan statusnya.

Jadi yang tertarik dipersilahken lhooo ke link dibawah ini dan tentunya download gratis ini harus melalui proses registrasi terlebih dahulu.

Semoga pada seneng ya bacanyaaa :