As usual, I spend my Valentine Day just with my family :D and I think I will spend it by watching the following movies :

1. Notting Hill
My all time favorite movies because I just love watching Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts

2. A Walk in the Clouds

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

4. Cats and Dogs

5. The Proposal

6. One Fine Day

7. Something gotta give

8. Bridget Jones

9. Love Actually

10. 4 Weddings and a Funeral

So, let us watch love movies together with friends and enjoy love around the air :)
4 Responses
  1. Yay! Found another Hugh Grant fans! Notting Hill is seriously my all time favorite movies as well :)

  2. bridge Says:

    actually I am not really his fan recently but come to think of it most of the movies have Hugh Grant in it :D

  3. ow.. then i was wrong.. kalo aku emg suka sama british accentnya mas hugh grant.. hihii..

  4. bridge Says:

    gue lebih suka Collin Firth :D

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