One time failure, I can accept
Second time, I still can cope with it...
But over and over again, get me wondering...

What if this is not meant to be...
What if this journey going to be a very long journey?
Can I stand it to wait that long?
Can I still have the strength and resources to keep walking on this journey?

Or do I have to accept the fact that I am nothing and nothing at all?
And that is what ever I am going to be?
2 Responses
  1. neta Says:

    dear.. you're not nothing..
    maybe you just need courage, to free yourself to do things that you don't even dare to dream.. try little different things and find your pace.. :)

  2. bridge Says:

    thank you Neta :) I am just a bit frustrated with everything and this is the banging head moment... :D

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