Live your life to the fullest

You know seeing my parents in their old days starting to have sickness like diabetes, high cholesterol, problem with eyes sight and I sort of wishing that I won't have to reach old age... I mean, my parents have me to take care of them a bit. But what about me? I have nobody to take care of me in the future... I do not think sick and dying alone is a pleasant thing to think about...

Then, yesterday when I went with my mother to Jakarta Eye Centre we met this elderly. She is about 70 years old and suffered glaucoma. That is why she said she has to give up driving, probably about a month ago. And I was! I watched her in awe because she was still driving even at the age of 70? And come to think of it, she has some kind of energy coming out of her body. She look so alive and no sign that she is sick or tired or anything that indicate she is an elderly. I even heard that a few month ago she still go with a group of tourist to Vatican. She drove those tourists with minibus...

Wish I could be like that IF I ever reach her age... I suppose being old or in any age, we should have that kind of spirit so we can live our life to the fullest.

And please stop grumbling and being desperate about anything as it will only be a waste of our time...
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  1. Stop thinking and wishing you didn't wanna live that long.. I'm sure you're not gonna sick and die alone, I'm sure there'll be one, two, or thousands who'll take care of you. SO chin up, and yes, live your life to the fullest :) *hugs*

  2. o Says:

    keep your spirit ya ri.. ^^
    keep trying, keep playing, keep singing, keep talking :D

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