Not so funny jokes

Often I received forwarding jokes from people about current situation like for example a jokes about corruption or misuse fund, which I think is certainly funny.

But when I read people making fun a disaster especially a huge one like tsunami in Japan or even when the one that hit Aceh in the year 2004...I found it hard to believe. I mean, if you can not say something to cheer up the survivors then just shut up please. Where is your emphaty?

Or if you do not know what to say when people ask your opinion then perhaps short sentence will be enough. Not saying that well, there are too many people in this world so this disaster will help to reduce living people in this earth... I mean, seriously?

Yeah, sure we can make a joke about everything because yes I suppose everything have their own funny side of the story... But perhaps we should bite our tongue and stop making fun about every disaster happened in this world...

It's not so funny anymoret
3 Responses
  1. Dea Says:

    bcoz laughing at somebody else who... accidently unlucky....easier than smile to our own bad time....

  2. iyaa.. aku juga keseeel banget ria.. heran deh.. bisa2nya bikin jokes over others' misfortune

  3. bridge Says:

    @Dea if you laughed at your friend when he or she fall or bumped into something I still think is okay... but making a joke from natural disaster ...sighed...

    @Sillygirl kadang orang emang suka lupa diri kayaknya :(

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