I have to admit, I admire those who manage to read, to process, to understand and to give comment for all dozens of postings made by their online friends on the net...

For me, I do not think I have the ability to be patient to open all postings made by my online friends and read them carefully... Naturally I realize probably that is one of many reasons very few people come and read my blog... But then again, probably my writings not interesting enough to draw people to go back here again and again...

Probably because I still look at my blog as a way to have new friends rather than readers... Again, because I am not so sure I will be able to go to various postings and takes times to read them carefully and understand the meaning of their posts or creations. Especially if they write a poem or something like that which is actually kinda personal and you will not be able to get it just by a quick reading,

Anyway, just want to apologize to my online friends if I did not visit your blog more often :(  Hopefully I will be able to do that in the future and really spend time reading it and not just blogwalking leave traces here and there
4 Responses
  1. diriku pengunjung setia blogmu kok walopun gak slalu ngasi komen :)

  2. bridge Says:

    aih, terima kasih yaaa :)

  3. akupun selalu menyempatkan diri mengungjungimu. Jika tidak meninggalkan jejak..bukan krna terburu-buru.... heheheh...
    lgi in mood nih mbalk Ria, hehehehe

  4. o Says:

    gw juga suka baca blog elu.. tapi ga bisa komen yg di blog yg satu lagi krn ga bisa name/url :D

    [google id gw lagi ga aktif]

    yeah i also admire those people who manage to read & comment that many posts..

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