Betweem trend and personal taste

I have to admit, I kinda like reading my friend's tweets... They often give me ideas about what to write on my blog.

One of them said about she pretend to watch Glee as it is one of the coolest tv show on earth. So she watch it simply to be in the trend. But after a while, she decided that she is not really into the show and back to watch CSI and 24...

Sometimes we get embarassed when our friends asked us about a new singer or popular tv show and we give them our blank stare... And then they laughed at us before finally sharing the information about the show... or that famous person...

Though actually we have to just follow all information about who, what, when, how and where ...some of us can't deny that when we are not interested then we just simply not into it. We may read, hear, watch, see about it but our brain is unable to process the information. We do not have desire other than being curious in the first place to find information about it. After that, we decide that is not our cup of tea and just drop it.

Of course, since we are interacting with other human being naturally we do feel the need to be in the crowds. Know what is in right now. Know what is trending right now.

But I guess, in the end we will simply choose things that we like even our friends will raise their eyebrows or scoffs whenever they heard us talk about it...
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  1. Bruno Mars is aheading our country and I don't even know who he is. Should I know? Should I be interested on him? If he can't help me pass my exams, I'm simply not into him.

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