Credit card, debt collector...

A few years ago, one of our acquantaince tried to apply credit card to this bank and use our home address as her personal address. Well, you know how credit card will ask for your home address and also phone number at home. Plus, they will also ask someone not living in the same house with you to confirm that they know you.

Anyway, since this person never ask permission from my mother that she will use our home address to support her application well...when the people from the credit card company called us to Mom simply said that she knew the person. But, that person is not living here with us and after that the credit card application was rejected.

The problem is, once you let other people use your identity like home address or phone number and then they are having problem with the payment..., well you can be sure that everyone in that house will be terrorized by debt collector.

You will have to know that the bank will not remind you that your due date is near. They will however warn you when you have failed to pay after the due date. Soft warning at first, then escalate to even harder warning like saying dirty words or terrorizing all the people staying in the address given by the credit card user.

Why they have to be harsh, rude and menacing when collecting debts? Because these people usually work for agency hired by the credit card company to collect debts. The debt collector each was given target like how many they could collect money. Sure, sure... Having a target that you must achieve within month or perhaps weeks probably drive that person to be creative and use any kind of ways to ensure he or she manage to achieve the target.

Because I know several stories how people try to avoid payment. They either run, or their whole family covering up insist they have no idea where this person about, and any lies that they could come up with. The problem is, those debt collectors think that all people are the same. Nasty liars and refuse to take responsible after using credit card or borrowing money.

It is not a pleasant thing to get involved with people who have hobby to spend more that they can earn and just took off while leaving us to clear up the mess.

Then again, we could go public on newspaper it... Probably they will accuse us not telling the whole truth and just give them a bad name.

Perhaps we should just close all of our credit cards then...
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  1. Years ago, my uncle's wife use a car as a guarantee for credit. She claimed that the car belonged to my mom. So it meant that my mom guaranteed for my uncle's wife.

    Then something happened, made my uncle and his wife separated. Our family decided that we had no more deal with my uncle's ex again.

    Till few months ago, a bank phoned my house looking for my mom. I was the one who picked up the phone, said that my mom wasn't at home. The bank asked me whether I knew somebody named X (he mentioned my uncle's ex). I got a bad feeling instead, then I answered the bank that I never heard her name. The bank asked me if my mother ever had a car named Z, colour black. I answered that my mom couldn't drive, why should she own a car? :D

    Perhaps, I would answer better if my ex-aunt didn't mess up with my uncle. Or, I would answer better if she behaved well financially. Our own reputation determined to our own finance safety.

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