A few days ago a friend of mine told me about her friend who whined that she do not wish to end up like all those pathetic women. My friend asked her what are the criterias for being pathetic women. And here they are:
1. Over 35 years old
2. Never dated
3. Currently not dating
4. Still stay under the same roof with her parents

Wow! Those are sooo me!

I am going to kill myself thinking about the above while listening one of the songs from Bridget Jones's Diary: All BY MY Self


That was according to my friend's friend. We may goes to the same school, from the same parents, at the same age, but we are definetely see the same thing with different perspective.

If the above are the criteria of being pathetic women then I have another opionio.

Being pathetic is someone who has almost about everything but still not satisfy and still want more, more, more especially that belongs to other people.

Being pathetic is someone who has family but still feel alone and do not love them

Conclusion being pathetic is someone who have no idea how to be thankful for their life

Ehm, is that including me? ^________^

Anyway, perhaps that friend of my friend afraid of being lonely in the old age whereas her friends already spending time with their children and grand children. While she rotten away alone somewhere in the darkest place with nobody with her. Aside than the angel of death.

Yeah, come to think of is a pathetic life...
2 Responses
  1. I don't think being 35 is pathetic. I guess it's just your feeling. :)

  2. pathetic is... if u want but u can't...

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